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Friday, March 20, 2020


Bio Abstract:My cultural background consists of my unique origin, language, culture, religion and race. Sharing it with others can give them a chance to know me better as a person. A healthy relationship can easily be developed with others when they get to know me well; therefore, it is important to share my diverse culture and background with others.Introduction:The country I am originally from is called Bangladesh located at the North East corner of India. The population of our country is 137 million in the area of 55,600 square miles which is less than one third of Texas. This country is the 8th most densely populated country in the world. When anyone comes to visit Bangladesh there's one thing one can not miss: People, People and lots of people.We have an old joke about the population of our country. It goes as follows: Once three people: one from the US, one from Italy and one from Bangladesh were traveling together by a train.United StatesAfter getting to know each other a little e veryone starts to show off; suddenly the American person takes a costly suit out of his travel-bag looking at which the other two exclaims, "Oh! Such a nice suit!!" The American looks at his other two companions, smiles, and throws the costly suit out through the window to their utter amazement. "Why did you do that?" asks the others. "Hey, it's not a problem", answers the American, "We have too many of these in my country." Now, the Italian takes a golden bottle of costly wine looking at which the other two go 'wow', but he smiles at his companions and throws the bottle out of the moving train surprising them. "What made you do that?", asked the others. "Oh! That's no problem. We have too...

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