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Monday, February 17, 2020

Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Research Paper - Essay Example As the world continue to apply information technology in various sectors such as banking, education, trade and entertainment, intellectual property issues have become even more complicated. This has led to the formulation of a new set of laws known as cyber laws. Consequently, cyber crimes are defined as any form of malpractice that involves tampering with computer based resources, cyber fraud, cyber based intimidation, and computer hackings are some of the major cyber crimes. These laws are incorporated in the information technology act, 2000. It is difficult to implement intellectual property rights without proper cyber laws and legislation. Intellectual property Patents A patent is a legal document that is issued by the federal government to an inventor. The document gives the owner exclusive rights of reproducing or participating in his innovation without threats from other developers. The right is meant to promote creativity and innovation in various industries2. Moreover, paten t rights allow members of the public to disclose innovations and other forms of technological advances in their respective industries3. Laws meant to protect intellectual property under patents have been criticized for certain ambiguities. This has necessitated constant reviews to make the required adjustments. Thus, suitable legislations should have clear definitions on patents and the extent to which patents can be applied. Furthermore, suitable legislation should set limits beyond which the legislations are considered to be violated. This is to safeguard innovators and other property developers from accusations of intellectual property theft. Trademarks Trademarks are quality assurance symbols and information used to identify the quality of a product. Ideally, trademarks are business items that are meant to protect manufacturers and traders. Tirade marks have often been accused of promoting monopoly trade, which may be harmful to the economy. This is because they promote the sale and continuity of popular products while they inconvenience inexperienced entrepreneurs. Trademarks are also used as sources of standards for a particular products and services. Copyrights Copyrights are constitutional property rights, which grant rightful owner, creators, or authors of certain material exclusive rights over their production and distribution. Copyrights provisions are meant to promote innovation and useful arts by offering incentives and protection to their owners. Ideally, copyrights protect intangible and original works including music, research, books, photographs, films, and computer software. Copyright is a collection of rights that include; the right to reproduce copyrighted material, rights to derive additional work, rights to distribution and public display. Each of these rights is protected under the information Technology Act of 2000. Cyber crime A cyber crime is regarded as any crime or offense that violates The Information Technology Act 2000. This rede finition leaves out major issues and provisions that threaten activities in the real world. Moreover, cyber laws conflicts with freedom of information and cyber space. Certainly, cyber laws cannot work in isolation and they require adequate collaboration with other supportive or related laws. For example, a person who is accused of sending intimidating massages over the internet will be charged with criminal intimidation provisions that are contained in the common laws4. Further, a person

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